Cirusso On Tour

We are Cirusso Art. Our business is based in Antwerp, Aalst, Hasselt, Kortrijk & Geraardsbergen. We only work with the best top artists from home and abroad. Our studios are known for the best guidance, designs, great atmosphere, hygiene and after care. The owners are the well-known Pommeline Tillière, Cirio Wassenhove and Thomas Ruffai. Together they have some 500,000 followers on social media.

We recently started a new concept:

We place a design sea container on location that is completely furnished according to the corporate identity of Cirusso Art. In it we offer “The Wheel of Cirusso“. And fake tattoos. With these, visitors can win all kinds of Cirusso goodies, merchandise and vouchers that can be spent in our studios.

Why can we add value to your event?

Advertising is done through our socials when and where we are. We also invite several well-known influencers (temptation island, ex on the beach,…), soccer players and other BVs to be present at the event. They in turn advertise through their channels. In short, this attracts attention!

Our first edition of this concept was a great success!

We were allowed to use the parking lot of the Carré in Willebroek. And Fantasia festival 15,000 visitors. Attached you can find some pictures of that night.

If you are interested to discuss this or to plan more concrete,
you can send us an email. Then we can look at the possibilities together.

Thanks in advance for your time and interest.

Kind regards,
Cirusso Art